We have 2 pricing plans to meet the needs of most businesses. Since we know that each business is unique, we expect that only about half of our customers will fit in to these two plans, and when they don’t, we will make a custom plan just for you!

Monthly Newsletter Plan
This plan includes the creation of 1 email message per month to all or part of your customers. This includes a professional newsletter design each month, use the same design each month or change it anytime you like. We will even split test each design and provide you with statistics on which design is performing the best. If you only want a portion of your customers sent to, you can either send us a file with the list you want mailed, or tell us search parameters of your customer list and we will only mail the resulting customers. Pricing is $49.99 per month, plus 2 cents per email sent.

Weekly Newsletter Plan
This plan has all the same features as the monthly plan, except is sent once week. You may change your newsletter design each time we send out a newsletter mailing. $149.99 plus 2 cents per email sent.

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